A faster and easier solution

to deliver the highest quality

AI data tailored to your needs

The Datahunt AI platform automates the most time intensive

and error prone stages of the ML life cycle. Save time and resources

that go into sourcing, preparing, and managing data – that’s our expertise.

Data Annotation / Labeling
Our team of professional annotators utilize Datahunt’s AI assisted pre and post processing functions to efficiently create bespoke datasets.
Data Sourcing

We create data customized to meet your specific needs.

Algorithms flag substandard or duplicate data. Afterwards, our highly trained datahunters inspect the data once more to ensure the highest level of quality.

  • Text Analysis_img
    Text Analysis
    Analyze the given text to identify the author’s intent and/or emotions, summarize, or other actions.
  • Named Entity Recognition_img
    Named Entity Recognition
    Label unstructured text into predefined categories such as name, organization, place, value, etc.
  • Q&A_img
    Identify the best answer to the given question either within the given text or as a separate answer.
SaaS Product
Access the Datahunt’s cutting edge data annotation and project management tools with a simple SaaS subscription.

Applying AI across the ML lifecycle

translates to higher accuracy

at a lower price

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Operation Costs
- %
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Data Production Time
- %
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AI Assisted Accuracy

See our AI automation in action

More work for AI means less work for humans and less room for error.
  • Keypoint Detection

    - Keypoint Identification

    - Keypoint Localization

  • Named Entity Recognition
    Output(Keyword Extraction)_img
    Output(Keyword Extraction)
  • Object Detection

    - Bounding boxes

    - Object Categories

  • Image Segmentation

    - Background/Object Mask with categories (For Semantic, Instance, Panoptic Segmentation)

  • Multilingual OCR
    Input -> Output(Text Localization)_img
    Input -> Output(Text Localization)
    Text Recognition_img
    Text Recognition

Hear directly from our clients who range from

startups to industry leading conglomerates.

  • “We were extremely satisfied with the high level of quality.”

    Datahunt’s product quality ensures satisfaction. They were also excellent with schedule management and quickly applying feedback during the review process.


  • “We’re happy with the consistency in product.”

    We have been working with Datahunt for over 2 years across multiple projects. Not only have we been blown away with their AI automated labeling models, but also their ability to design customized projects and suggest solutions that led to highly satisfactory results.


  • “Efficient communication was key in leading a successful project”

    Datahunt’s thorough labeling and review process enabled us to finish our product well within our schedule with flying colors. Their proactive communication especially with regards to exceptions to predefined project guidelines was key to the successful conclusion of our project.


  • “We received the high quality data that we needed”

    Datahunt’s ability to build and manage a highly vetted data labeling process and workforce leads to high quality data sets. We were able to get the high quality data that we were looking for thanks to Datahunt’s highly trained and experienced Datahunters who proved to be materially better than other outsourced teams.

    Samsung Electronics

We custom design each project

so that our clients can get the data

that they need, free of hassle.

We structure projects and assign specialized

datahunters based on each client’s unique needs to

create an optimized process with cost, quality, and speed in mind.

Quality data

for quality insights

We break barriers so that anyone can unlock the true potential of data through AI.

We collect and annotate data so that even companies with no prior experience can easily start developing

AI thanks to the help of our expert datahunters and AI powered platform.

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Fiscalnote is a global information technology company serving over 5,000 clients

including Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, etc.


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